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A Voice from the Community

There is nothing more satisfying than hearing how the SLC has helped elders and their families. The care they provide helps elders to live productive lives and gives their families confidence and peace of mind.


Living at the SLC has given my mother the opportunity to meet and live alongside a group of her peers who share many of the same experiences, both joyful and sad, and who understand her concerns about the aging process. This arrangement has provided a much more intimate environment while also allowing her to have some independence and control over her life as she ages.

-Family of SLC resident


Just want to take a moment to thank you all, along with your staff, for the outstanding job that you have all done during this most challenging time. I know that it has not been easy for the residents or staff, yet you have done everything that you can to protect the residents and staff. You have maintained your good cheer (at least visibly!), all the while having your own concerns for both your personal safety and that of your family. That part of it is what I think many forget about. On behalf of my family, siblings and my mother, please know that we are very grateful.

-Family of SLC resident


The things I like most about the SLC are the friendliness of both residents and staff, the compassion shown by all the staff, the very attractive and unique furnishings and art work in the common areas, the attractive apartments, the cleanliness, and the good food. From the beginning, I felt I belonged to a family. I am completely content after a year and a half.

-An SLC Resident


I can be as independent as I wish, but there is always someone here to respond if I need help. That is a comforting feeling.

– An SLC Resident


I am of Scandinavian ancestry. Each week, I come to the Scandinavian Living Center for a Spanish discussion group, sponsored by Newton at Home. This group brings another activity to the SLC. Local people like me can come and go, and have an opportunity to connect with residents and others.

-A voice from the community

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