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The Scandinavian Charitable Society of Greater Boston has a rich and vibrant history dating back a over a century. In 1912, the Swedish Charitable Society was incorporated by a number of Swedish groups with the purpose of founding a home for the aged, providing relief to the needy and fundraising for charitable projects. They proudly opened the Swedish Home in 1917 on the same site where the Scandinavian Living Center now stands.

With a similar mission, several Norwegian societies joined forces in 1914 and incorporated as the Norwegian Old People’s Home and Charitable Association. Ten years later, they opened the Norwegian Home in Dorchester.


Renovation and Expansion

Both places operated separately and underwent many renovations and expansions over the years until the two merged in 1999 to form the Scandinavian Charitable Society of Greater Boston.

It was in 2001 that the Scandinavian Living Center opened its doors as an assisted living residence and cultural center for all nationalities to enjoy. Its success and outstanding reputation are due in part to several research trips to Scandinavia to investigate long term care and housing options for elders. After visiting over 60 facilities throughout Scandinavia, the organization committed itself to creating a place where residents can live dignified and meaningful lives, and the greater community can gather to enjoy a wide range of group activities and socializing.

Our Staff

Another reason for the success of the Scandinavian Living Center is the longevity of its devoted staff. While many other organizations struggle to retain its personnel, employees of the Center have been there for many years. The average length of employment of its resident care staff is fifteen years.

About Us

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cultural enrichment and community connections.

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