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Success Stories

There is nothing more satisfying than hearing how the SLC has helped elders and their families. The care we provide helps elders to live productive lives and gives their families confidence and peace of mind. 

Voices of our residents’ families: 


When my father came to the SLC after a fall and short stay in a rehab facility, he had lost weight and was weak. He was also a fall risk (due in part to his medical condition). He is receiving daily assistance with dressing which he would not be getting if he were still living independently. I also came to realize that he wasn't necessarily preparing and eating 3 meals a day at home and had been losing weight in the months leading up to his fall. For him the SLC's meal program has helped greatly. He is back to a normal weight and just the other day his doctor noted how pleased she was with his progress over the past year. He has gotten stronger and has even improved to the point where he is able to walk without the use of the walker he was using initially. Having a gym here and attending his gym appointments regularly has not only contributed to his well-being, but is critical to managing his medical condition going forward; it has been an invaluable factor in his health improvements.

When Dad and Mom moved to SLC, I expected them to make new friends. To my surprise and delight, I have made new friends. The residents are a great bunch whose company I enjoy. Go figure.


After an exploration of many alternatives, both home-based and in other residential settings, we found no one surpasses the commitment of SLC’s staff to create an empathetic, professional relationship with our parents and their fellow residents. We feel our parents are safe and have the kind of support anyone would want for their own families or for themselves.

Living at the SLC has given my mother the opportunity to meet and live alongside a group of her peers who share many of the same experiences, both joyful and sad, and who understand her concerns about the aging process. This arrangement has provided a much more intimate environment while also allowing her to have some independence and control over her life as she ages.


Voices of our residents: 


There was a choir here the other day, which I enjoyed a lot. I got to talk to people I hadn’t ever met before.


"I didn’t realize how alone and bored I was at home until I came here and started to participate in all the activities.  I enjoy eating meals with other people now, and I have made some nice friends."

The things I like most about the SLC are the friendliness of both residents and staff, the compassion shown by all the staff, the very attractive and unique furnishings and art work in the common areas, the attractive apartments, the cleanliness, and the good food.  From the beginning, I felt I belonged to a family.  I am completely content after a year and a half.


"I can be as independent as I wish, but there is always someone here to respond if I need help. That is a comforting feeling.”

A voice from the community:

I am of Scandinavian ancestry. Each week, I come to the Scandinavian Living Center for a Spanish discussion group, sponsored by Newton at Home. This group brings another activity to the SLC. Local people like me can come and go, and have an opportunity to connect with residents and others.

About Us

The Scandinavian Living Center (SLC) is a welcoming assisted living community located in West Newton, Massachusetts.

Our residents come from the Greater Boston area including Allston, Brighton, Brookline, Cambridge, Chestnut Hill, Newton, Waltham, Wellesley, Watertown, and other area towns.

Our philosophy stems from Scandinavian principles like respecting elders’ independence, incorporating light-filled design, and encouraging community connections.

For more information or to schedule a personal tour of our senior living community, please call (617) 467-3177 or click here

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