Joe Carella\’s second book \“Creating Unlimited Options for Aging: The Path Forward\” outlines his personal journey and the core Scandinavian principles that result in better lives for everyone.
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Creating Unlimited Options for Aging: The Path Forward.

The core of any good solution (to elder care) is maintaining the dignity of our elders. We do this by allowing people to live in a non-institutional residence, maintaining their lifestyle, encouraging their autonomy, and connecting them with the outside community in an organic way. Our success is based on the belief that age does not limit one\’s personhood.
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“Creating Unlimited Options for Aging: The Path Forward” is Joe Carella’s second book. It outlines his personal journey and the core Scandinavian principles that result in better lives for everyone.  With eye-opening stories and thought-provoking examples, Joe lays out the rationale for community centered living, explores its ramifications, and examines how it can be instituted on a world-wide multi-cultural basis.  He also demonstrates these principles every day in his leadership at the Scandinavian Living Center which he sees as a gathering place, a destination for residents, their neighbors and friends and the entire community.

A big part of what makes the Scandinavian Living Center such a special place is the dedication and passion that every staff member has for his or her work.  This commitment is especially evident in Executive Director Joe Carella, who is leading the way in improving our approach to elder care in America.

Joe, who has been with the SLC since 1990, holds an MBA from Babson College and an undergraduate degree from Northeastern University.  He has served on the boards of various non-profit organizations in Massachusetts.  He has been a guest lecturer at Northeastern University and Suffolk University and has spoken nationally on the principles behind community-centered living.

Book Reviews:

Joe Carella has been challenging institutional settings for over two decades.

Based on extensive personal and professional experience,  Carella eventually established the Scandinavian Living Center (SLC) in Newton, Massachusetts...

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The issue of elder care became a major concern for Joe Carella when he was just a teenager. As the result of a freak accident in gym class that resulted in a torn ACL in his right knee, he was admitted to the hospital the next day for repairs to the ACL and to stop internal bleeding.

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About Us

The Scandinavian Living Center (SLC) is a welcoming assisted living community located in West Newton, Massachusetts.

Our residents come from the Greater Boston area including Allston, Brighton, Brookline, Cambridge, Chestnut Hill, Newton, Waltham, Wellesley, Watertown, and other area towns.

Our philosophy stems from Scandinavian principles like respecting elders’ independence, incorporating light-filled design, and encouraging community connections.

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